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Hudson Valley Financial Services Firm Launches 930 Plan

An innovative new long-term savings vehicle for young professionals. The 930 Plan, Coined by Adding 401 and 529, the Names of Two Popular Savings Accounts, Combines the Best of Both 


Hudson Valley-based Max It Out Retirement is rolling out an exciting new financial plan for young families and professionals: the 930 Plan. 930 Plan, which was coined by adding 401 + 529, from the popular 401K retirement and 529 college savings plans, is an innovative new long-term savings vehicle. The plan is a multipurpose solution to long-term savings, allowing individuals to save for education, retirement, or whatever the desired use – with no tax implications or penalties.

In one streamlined plan, it does what several do, but better: provides a way to smartly save for higher education, retirement, and it provides protection for loved ones. With the 930 plan, there are no penalties for not using the funds for one allotted purpose, as is found with 529 plans – individuals have the flexibility to use the funds for the big-ticket items or services that best suit their families. Furthermore, 930 plan holders won’t be taxed or penalized for a withdrawal before the age of 59 ½ as is the case with 401Ks. And, the 930 plan is a tax efficient strategy, meaning individuals are taxed upfront, not in years or decades, when history and current events dictate the tax rates will be much higher.

“This is not your parents’ savings plan,” says Chuck Omphalius, managing partner of Max It Out Retirement, the parent company of the 930 Plan. “We believe this is the savings vehicle of the future – one that works exactly as an individual needs it to, when the individual wants it, with minimal tax implication and maximum flexibility and benefit.”



The 930 plan aims to reach young families and professionals with a generationally unique, tax smart approach to long-term savings. This tax-sheltered plan enables individuals to keep more money in their own hands to grow tax-free for the things that are most important to their families and their futures.

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About 930 Plan and Max It Out Retirement
The 930 plan is the new, tax smart, long-term savings vehicle of Max It Out Retirement. Based in Fishkill, NY, in the heart of New York’s Hudson Valley region, the firm specializes in helping individuals from all economic backgrounds reach their financial goals and achieve optimal retirement. For more information on Max It Out Retirement, visit Book a call to discuss your future today.

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